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Unique coaching, unique players , unique results.
At Unique Professional tennis academy Bangalore, every single student is a unique project . Our role is to adapt to each student and to embrace their full potential in the game. With tennis becoming a whole new sport of interest in Indian sports scene, we are here to TO SHAPE THE FUTURE OF TENNIS! Our vision is to bring out top players from India and help them achieve recognition at national and international levels. We idealise to provide the best coaching with fundamentals of listening, communication and to inculcate a result oriented culture amongst our players though individualized unique coaching.

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Unique Professional tennis academy houses a group of qualified and professional set of coaches with a proven junior and high performance development record. Our coaches operate as a team with a common goal in mind - to work on each and every player and provide them the best training environment.

Raam Prasath Soundrajan

Director/ Head Coach

As one of the primary coaches of UPTA, coach Raam Prasath is a topmost developer of junior tennis talent. He strives to develop an allround player by encouraging the player's thought and personal style. Through academic challenges, training and technique, his focus is to inspire and mentor individuals who have love for the game of tennis. He achieves the same by customizing each programme according to the personal goals, strengths and affinities of the player and to help him or her in achieving top results.
Before UPTA, he has worked with top coaches and academies throughout India with both national and international backgrounds. In his playing career, he was ranked top 40 in men's tennis and has a deep passion for the game.

Sahem Kabir

Fitness Trainer

A fitness trainer from Dubai, Sahem has been working with athletes of all ages since he was 15 to help optimize physical and mental performance in their respective games. His goal is to have the most positive impact on the lives of people that he works with, helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. This goes beyond helping people look the great but also covers mindset, performance, motivation and lifestyle. He is passionate about making people find the right balance for them, catering to their needs and finding out what makes their body tick, as everyone in the world is different.

Chaitra Mohan

Managing Director / Mentor to Parents

Chaitra Mohan is a Parent of a Tournament Tennis Player believes that mentoring is appropriate for any tennis parent who is committed to supporting their child's tennis journey. It's a triangular relationship between the player, coach, and parent. A role of a parent is to help child manage the emotions by always being positive, encouraging and showing the child through body language and facial expressions that parents always believe in them. Chaitra Mohan will be helping parents at UPTA on how to balance a kid's tennis career, schooling, office, personal work and home making. She carries successful work experiences with corporate world and now leveraging those skills towards UPTA to manage overall business operations.

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