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Mental Fitness at UPTA

Tennis, both physical and mental demands on the athlete. In training and competition, the body is asked to push physical limits of endurance, power, speed, and strength. Similarly, the mind is asked to push mental barriers, such as focus, composure, and determination. Being a top performer in any sport requires a combination of physical fitness, technical skills, tactical readiness, and mental fitness.

When you think of a mentally fit athlete, who comes to mind? Williams and Krane (2005) reviewed 20 years of research pertaining to the psychological attributes of top performers. Based on this research and observations from this field, common mental fitness attributes linked to elite performers include the following:

  • High self-confidence
  • Commitment and ability to set goals
  • Composure, motivation, having perspective
  • Positive attitude and mindset
  • Mindfulness, focused on task
  • Emotional control
  • Ability to manage stress and anxiety
  • Control of activation and relaxation levels
  • Well-developed competitive plans
  • Ability to embrace and manage pressure
  • Adaptability and self-regulation
  • Passion and love for sport
  • Work-ethic
  • Responsibility

These attributes do not guarantee the highest levels of elite athletic performance, but they are consistent among top performers. Most elite athletes cultivate these attributes through intentional mental fitness development and years of learning from personal performance experiences.

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