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Physical Fitness at UPTA

You can master every tennis shot in the book but if you do not have the fitness level required to produce the shot when it matters most, you will be left disappointed. Many players step away from a match they have lost and wonder where it went wrong. Speed, agility, and endurance are all key factors of playing tennis. All of the world's leading tennis players today have significant levels of all three.

Anaerobic fitness, which is the ability to repeatedly sprint in short bursts, power and flexibility are also key elements in tennis. Without these in place you will struggle to not only compete against an opponent on the tennis court but also to enjoy the sport generally. As you begin to tire, your focus can also suffer. Good fitness is important in tennis because it allows you to maintain your focus throughout and can give you the mental edge.

In addition, a good level of tennis fitness will help you to avoid picking up injuries. Lack of strength, flexibility, muscle imbalances, overuse and tiredness can all lead to an injury when playing tennis.

So, now you know why fitness is important in tennis and the several aspects making up tennis fitness. Some of the important specific training include

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Speed, agility, coordination
  • Reaction, sprint speed (acceleration and deceleration)
  • Endurance
  • Muscle strengthening.

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