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At UPTA, we take a very dedicated, personal and professional approach to each player. Our entire work is based on development of players and their long-term improvement, having perspective with continuous planning and analysis, and making progress from training to training.
All our programs include and offer technical, tactical, mental and physical parameters of work and development, detailed planning and analysis of each individual.

Mini tennis This programme aims at improving co-ordination skills at an early age (4-8 years). Learn basic skill, ball sense, movement and techniques. Easy and effective method for kids to pick up the sport of tennis.
Beginners This programme would help provide the tennis fundamentals for kids which includes techniques, ball sense, score, serve, rally and play. It is designed for school going kids.
Intermediate This programme is designed to help push the players into having strong footwork, dependable stroke, servera nd master power control which will help them enter into tournaments designed for different age groups.
Advance This programme is designed for players entering tournaments. Thsi will foucs on establishing strong strategy, consistent and dependable serve and make them comfortable under high level competition.
High Performance This programme is designed for tournament level players to help them reach their full potential. It aims at improving their mental and physical aspects through ur customised coaching programme and helps players pursue the sport professionally.

Summer Camp Programme


Are you looking for an opportunity to peak your tennis performance skills over summer? Look no further. From March to April Unique professional tennis academy has designed an all inclusive summer intensive programme for children aged between 8 to 18 (regardless of their training level) . The programme focuses on performance training and on court awareness along with extracurricular and leisure activities to give kids the right amount of everything. The programme is set to give kids a unforgettable holistic summer.

  • A complete summer programme will help kids enjoy and train with a relaxed mind for weeks together as they require
  • The programme will act as a bridge between coaches, fitness trainers and players to help them discuss technical and tactical strategies combined with physical and mental training
  • UPTA specialised at unique attention as per player needs on court.
  • Great for players looking to perform in tournaments
  • Other activities are also arranged during the week for fun and enjoyment for players
  • Competition will be conducted in campus on set dates for player evaluation and training.

  • Techniques and style of game
  • Required on court skills
  • Physical fitness of player
  • Nutritional understanding
  • Mental Skills

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